Our aim
To ensure quality comes to mind when said Panel Pools in Turkey market.
To inform the end user that the Panel Pool offers not only a price advantage but also a healthier environment and to raise awareness in this direction.
To prevent concrete consolidation and to ensure an environmentally friendly application that does not cause any harm to nature thanks to its recyclable structure.
To ensure that the pool is built once and does not need renovation for many years. 
The satisfaction of our customers who have been using the Aqua Panel Pool for years without any problems to ensure that everyone who wants have a Panel Pool live.

Our Product Quality
The production of Aqua Panel Pools is entirely within Aqua's own structure. It is designed according to the best usage method by going through the production stages in accordance with national and international standards.
The thickness of Aqua Ready Pool Panels is 2 mm.
Panels are 20-40-60-80 cm wide and 120-130-140-150 cm high.
It is made of magnesium alloy aluminum and zinc.
Aqua Panels are mounted with screwing the technique and do not require any concrete support, including above-ground applications.
It can be easly disassembled from one place and installed in another.
Thanks to its recyclable structure, it has an environmentally friendly structure that does not cause any harm to nature.
Aqua Panels are produced with bending technology and do not contain welding. Therefore, the risk of corrosion is zero.

1,5 mm thick
Reinforced with polyester mesh between two layers of PVC film
Manufactured to 71/3 standards
With antimicrobial properties
Resistant to UV rays
%100 tested against leakage
German origin
10 years warranty ELBE brand Liner is used.
Ready-made engine room, skimmer, lamp and nozzled produced by Aqua.

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