Aqua Industrial Group was established in 1994 in Italy. It is manufacturer of Pool Systems, Water Treatment Systems and Dosing Pumps. Since its establishment, it has increased its growth rate with its technological innovative structure. Aqua products took their place among the top quality products in a very short time on this road which is based on quality. 

8 factories,
22.000 m² closed area,
Branches in 6 countries (England, Spain, Turkey, Dubai, India, Russia)
Exports to 110 countries, product code 9526, 
With 320 employees and 40 years of global experience, it is one of the leading manufacturers in Italy. 

Aqua has been operating in Turkey for 15 years with Aqua Su Arıtımı name as its own branch. Within the framework of our current organization, our aim is to provide the most appropriate solution and high technology to the customer's request in all technical issues related to Pool Systems, Water Treatment Systems and Dosing Pumps.

Panel pools which are completely produced by Aqua are designed according to the best usage method by through the production stages in accordance with national and international standards.

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