Capacity 10 lt/h - 5 Bar
Multifunctional display and digital control
Alarm repeat or salt chlorinator connection independent
Additional relay for set point (Max 230V 5 amp.)
Reinforced PBT enclosure
2 different menus for user and installer
PVDF Pump Head, PTFE Double Ball Valves, PVDF Foot Filter and Injection Valve
Audible alarm, password protection
ON/OFF switch
For stabilization, magnetic flow sensor starts and stops the operation of the system.
pH probe + prob holder cap
Rx probe + prob holder cap
Check valve at exit point of probe holder
2 discharge hoses for dosing pumps
2 suction valves for dosing suction line
2x2 tubing hose for hydraulic feeding of probe holder bypass line
Flow rate adjustment for probe holders 
Air release valve in probe holder 
pH probe with BNC connection
Rx probe with BNC connection
2 suction hoses for dosing pumps
2 low chemical level probes for pH vand Rx chemicals
2 calibration fluids (pH4 and pH7) for pH probe calibraiton
1 calibration fluids (475mV) for Rx probe calibration
Rack for holding calibration fluids
Computer connectors 8 converters and USB adapter

GSM/ GPRS control feature of pool water values by wiring
pH measuring range: 5 - 9 pH, Rx measuring range: 0 - 999 mV. ADCONVI
Converter for remote connection. ASP6000658 - USB - RS232 adapter.