• Aqua Led Lamp
  • Aqua Led Lamp
  • Aqua Led Lamp
  • Aqua Led Lamp

Aqua Led Lamp

AQUA quality is combined in a plastic body which provides %75 energy savings compared to conventional lighting and can last up to 5000 luments with LED technology and an operation life of up to 100.000 hours.

1. RGB: Wide colour options in just one lamp.

2. ECO: White light, low energy consumption, strong illumination.

3. BLUE: With a blue and white LED lamp, you can provide energy savings (8W) by using blue lighting at night, you can choose white light in situations that require high brightness and lighting. 


ABS body supply suitable for Liner and Reinforced concrete with 12V lamp
(Standard 300 W and LED available)
Light body, light holder with connector
Power generation box ‘CE’, flexible with connector
Hose protector complete with 2.5 m cable
Installation kit in desired pool type (Reinforced Concrete, Liner)